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Flexible gym training!

We are now testing our beta-version in Göteborg.

Use Gymguide to help locate health clubs in your area. Our service is especially beneficial to those who:

* Fitness train sporadically
* Want additional training for another sport
* Travel/Vacation
* Want to fitness train as a guest with friends

It's simple!

1. GYM

Locate health clubs near you along with detailed information about the facilities and images of the equipment and services provided.

2. BUY

Pay 50 SEK for a voucher code that gives you access to a health club in our network. See info on our SOLO page.

Note that the fee is reserved. If the voucher code is not used the fee will be credited back to your account.


Go to your chosen fitness club, show the SOLO pass code at the reception desk and start your fitness training!

* Only during staffed working hours.

New gyms

  • Vatne
  • 6265 Vatne
  • 469 73 399


  • Vi betatestar just nu Gymguide SOLO i Göteborg, Sverige. Det kommer snart att bli möjligt att boka gym genom en app och via hemsidan.
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